The great riffing project or whatever: Ninja Terminator edition

Play the video to see all the submitted riffs. You can scroll around and the riffs will magically stay synced to the video. Use the form to submit your own. You'll have to reload the page to see your new riff appear.

Here's my cautionary note: You know how sites go through alpha, beta and then release? This site is in pre- pre- pre-alpha (although you may have noticed I've removed yet another pre- since the last time you checked). So I apologize if it doesn't work or looks wonky or all manner of other things that are probably going wrong. And I know it doesn't do a lot of the cool things it could do (but it does now show you the latest riff and let you click it to jump to that part of the video, and there's a visual cue under the player so you can see where there are and aren't riffs). Or look particularly pretty. It does one thing right now - let you submit riffs and then play them out at the place in the video you said they should go. But that's a pretty good thing for it to do, no? So hang tight on everything else. And if anyone is a designer or developer and wants to lend a hand to getting this towards an actual ready-for-primetime place, let me know! -Trumpy: trumpyismagic[at]gmail[dot]com

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